There is nothing so perfect as a crackling fire at the edge of a serene lake in the quiet of the evening. After a long satisfying day, canoeists set up camp on one of the many sites scattered along the shores of Algonquin’s lakes. Private individual campsites are clearly marked, with fire pit, room for several tents and a privy back in the woods. The smaller lakes will have only one or two sites with the larger lakes having 10 or more. In total there are about 1500 interior campsites in the Park.

Relaxing by the campfire, you’ll toast to the day over a great trek and tasty meal. As darkness closes the day the haunting call of a loon drifts across the still water. Stars, that feel so close, appear and expand like a galaxy in the sky. Here, you are a part of the grandeur of nature. You are in the very essence of your adventure in Algonquin Park.

At most campsites there is plenty of dead wood to forage. A compact stove is great for cooking quick meals and making that morning cup of coffee. While Algonquin lakes are clean and pristine, all water should be boiled or filtered or treated with water purification drops before drinking. All of our Outfitting Packages include a compact stove and water purification drops.